My birth story


I was induced on monday march 27th. I went in at 7 am. With my first two they stuck the tablet in my cervix first but this time because i was almoat 4 cm already we went straight to pit. I was on pit for 30 min when my doc came in and said all right lets break your water. So i was in active labor fpr what seemed like forever. I was in labor for 7 hours before i got my epidural. I tried for all natural but the pain was too much. I was so nausous that everytime they moved me side to side or to check my cervix i threw up. Since they kwpt moving me around they had to put a monitor in my cervix to track my contractions and my babys heart beat. So they put a little screw in his head which i freaked out and asked a million questions and my hunby looks at the nurse and says anything happens to our baby its your ass. I cried i felt like it was my fault. So finally i was able to use the peanut pillow to widen my pelvic area and relax. Finally around 10 pm i was ready to go. I looked at my hubby and mom and said i need my nurse i feel the need to push. Turns out he was on my birth canal ready to go. They called my doc and told him i was ready. He was 20 min out so he tells the nurse to have me start to push. She grabs the resident thats on call and they decide to make me wait till the doc arrives. This felt like forever... after 3 pushes he was out. And i got to hold him. Next thing i know all the nurses and docs are rushong around the room and i get a shot in my thigh. I was hemorraging. They were trying to stop the bleeding. As im laying there holding my little guy all i can think ia this isnt fair i need to be here for him and my other 2 babies. I look over and see the resident covered in blood. I got kinda light headed and dizzy. Finally they said it was all done and i was fine. I started crying and kissing on my little one and squeezing my hubbys hand. And my mom was crying thinking she was going to lose me. After all that i got time for skin to skin with him... best part is m hubby took my mom home so i had the baby to myself for almost an hour... all i couls think is this is not only my rainbow baby being here to hold him feels like a miracle.

Isaac Alexander

Born march 27th

At 10:40 pm

Weighing 7 lbs 8.5 oz

20 3/4 in long