my boyfriend and me mum!!

So to get this said quickly!! Basically with this guy been with him for a few years now (4/5) we having our first child! 
I used to smoke weed and he still does but obvs as preggo can't no more! Since I've given up I see the world differently! My mum is well mehhh with my partner she tolerates him and gets along with him just feels that he is not bettering me what so ever (he does work ALL the time chef) 
I never see him and if I'm honest I'm no longer attracted to him! I think/ feel he has no ambitions and basically just feel we are different people! 
My mum is sad as she can see I'm not happy and I tell her I'm not happy! Me and him just have no convo no nothing feel like we have fuck all in common and now I'm stuck!!!!!