Did you get pregnant?

Okay so it was my first time.. and I'm freaking out I feel worthless and stupid, I've been warned I was one of those people who always thought that this wouldn't even be something to worry about... I'm 16 and I had sex an hour ago, I have no way to get plan b, not on birthcontrol, no condoms. I'm getting those soon but I didn't have any protection today and I feel so bad.. I don't really want to be near anyone besides my boyfriend and I can't even have that. I have to go to work in an hour and I just.. really don't want to be alive right now.. 
Besides the serge to curl up and die, this post was about what happened.
I had sex, it was a while and my boyfriend pulled out, a few seconds later- after he touched himself, he came. I'm so fuckinf worried that I'm going to get pergnant, my mom would force me to go through that and if anyone found out I was pregnant I know I would be known as a whore.. that's all I would hear.. when I walk around I would get looks.. I would be a whore.. I'm not really mentally stable to go through that.. i have bad anxiety, in shy and he's the only one I've ever trusted. He felt so bad too.. I'm sorry.. this was probably a waste of yore time.. I've been crying for. A while and I don't want to worry about this until my period.. if you could comment.. or at least vote I'd appreciate it.. a lot.. 

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