boyfriend problem, help

So, recently my parents almost split up. My dad decided that since he was super depressed, to say he was going to commit suicide. He stopped responding, and I had to call the cops to go and check on him. He was okay, but the next day he said he was going to run away. He hid his car, left a note on the door and everything. But I found him in the closet hiding. I was an emotional wreck and cried for 2 weeks. Now, my parents are back together, and he wants nothing to do with my dad. I know my dad didn't do the smartest thing, but I've moved on. My boyfriend says he won't go near him until I get an apology because he had to put up with me crying. We've been together for 3 years. I don't wanna go my entire life with him not going around my parents, but he won't just move one. I didn't mean for my family to do all of that. But I don't want an apology. Is it okay for him to demand one for having to put up with me crying? What should I do?