my first sexual activity ❤ (storytime)

Queen👑 • idk why im here tbh
so i was talking to this guy over text, he was from the city next to mine and was moving to my school in 2 weeks time. we were texting and he mentioned that he wanted to get together with me after we met.
the first time we met, we smoked together and headed towards a park for somewhere to sit. about half way there, he randomly hugged me from behind and i smiled. 
once we got to the park, we started kissing and snogging, getting quite intense. we were kinda on the ledge for a zipwire, byt this was at like 5, no kids there. he started to bite my lip and start to go rough on me, then he slipped his finger into my already wet pussy and started fingering me rough, it was the best thing ever... i was moaning and rubbing his dick as he led me to orgasm... we continued kissing and making out until i had to go home... i have many more stories about this particular guy, if i get some good feedback on this i'll post more! 
How about you ladies? what was tour first proper sexual activity like? ❤