Am I overreacting?


Ok so last year, black Friday, I buying a bunch of shit online as usual and on one of the sites I ordered from it came with a free men's wolf necklace, so I wrap it up to give my boyfriend on Christmas.

Christmas day we exchange gifts, he gives me a diamond necklace, I give him the wolf necklace. He loved it and wore it 24/7.

Fast forward. To very early March.

I pick him up from work and we go to his house, as he's getting undressed he pulls out the charm and says it broke at work, he was upset about it and while he was at work took it as a sign something bad happened to me and freaked out, I thought that was so sweet. Then he tells me he has the chain and the charm so on one of his days off he's going to fix it because the necklace means a lot to him, "it means a lot to me because you gave it to me"

Fast forward a month.

It, HAS NOT left his dresser, still broken. He's had so many chances and time to fix it but he won't take the 5 minutes to fix it.

At first I didn't care but part of me is starting to take it personally, if it meant as much to him as he says it does why won't he spend the 5 minutes fixing it?

I've brought it up and he says he'll fix it but he never does.

Now if he just kept the charm in his pocket everyday or wallet, I wouldn't care about the whole thing, because at least he's carrying it with him at all times but he doesn't it's been in the exact same spot since the day it broke on his dresser

Sooooo today, he's in the shower and I'm straighting up his room when I see the broken necklace, something inside got extremely pissed off and I threw it in my purse. Waiting to see how long it takes him to notice it's gone.

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