"Rainbow baby"

Anyone else not a fan of the term "rainbow baby"? I have had 4 pregnancy losses so i can def relate to the idea of a light at the end of the tunnel so to speak but i just dont like thinking of my babies i have previously carried as "the storm" before the rainbow if that makes sense. My sister in law did <a href="https://glowing.com/glow-fertility-program">iui</a> and had a chemical pregnancy and is currently pregnant and often calls her baby their rainbow baby but for me i have carried my babies 11 8 and 12 weeks i have watched them grow heard heartbeats know genders i treasure those babies more than my own life and it bothers me very much to think of them as a storm i am hoping to get past they are all bright lights in my life and pain of losing them is something i will never get past and i dont want to, the emotions are all i have for memories with them so even the bad ones are feelings that i never want to forget. I fully understand why people use the term it makes sense to me it just doesnt feel right FOR me if that makes sense. Does anyone else not prefer to use the term for their child after loss or while ttc a child after a loss? Or am i alone in this thought process? **EDIT: I also kind of feel like a 1st baby after years of infertility could be a rainbow baby in a sense bc they go through a storm of emotions too or a baby after a loss of a close loved one but i only ever see it used after pregnancy loss so, i was just wondering if anyone does not use that term for their baby or on the flip side if anyone uses the term that has not suffered pregnancy loss as their "storm" **