things nobody tells you when you are TTC

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Miscarriages are so common.
After you have one miscarriage, getting pregnant feels like such a blessing.
But once you get pregnant again you are so terrified and filled with anxiety and prayers that your baby is going to be okay and make it. Nobody tells you that you'll go nights just crying because you want this baby so bad & it's not even in your control because something has a plan for you and sometimes a baby is involved and sometimes a baby is not. Nobody tells you how much a slap in the face it is to see everyone around you having babies & while you are so happy for them your heart just aches so bad because you want it to be your turn. Nobody tells you that when you get pregnant, the wait to get your ultrasound is even worse than the two week wait. As much as you try to stay positive, you can't help but think about everything that could go wrong. I pray for all of us that are pregnant, all of us that are going through tww, all of us who have lost and had so much heartache & I pray for all of us who have been ttc with no luck & are absolutely exhausted. Please do not give up, your time will come
Update: with the amount of positive feedback I got, I just want to say THANK YOU! It's so great knowing I'm not alone and it means so much to see that i helped some of you. I'm so happy to know me venting could help someone 💜💜