Husband thinks I am cheating

My husband is convinced I am cheating. I am currently a business owner and as a way to market I network. One of the agreements I have is that I have a trade deal with a local gym to get two free memberships (me and my husband) if the owner of the gym and his wife gets free memberships at my job. 
Well obviously this agreement took some chatting through email, text, and calls. But only took a few conversations to work it all out. No biggy.  
My husband is furious and thinks I am sleeping with the guy because I have this trade deal. (This isn't the first business I have a deal with like this)
He has resorted to calling me fat. Telling me my boobs are small. He said my vagina smells (lol). He said my thighs are fat and disgusting. And he examined my "double chin". He is now saying that he wants a divorce from my fat, disgusting ass. He said that I should be jealous of this guys wife because she is hotter, has a better body than me, and has bigger boobs. 
Good riddens asshole!! 👋 
I'm not even cheating but I won't put up with having my body insulted.