boyfriend issues

So I've only been with my guy since November 2016, he is depressed and needs validation from everyone around him. A few of his friends ditched him a while back and some of them have recently made contact and now he won't even make time for me because he is too busy reconnecting with people who honestly remember him when they need something. It doesn't matter who the person is, he just tries to keep everyone around so he can feel important. Last night he couldn't see me because his ex from a few years ago needed his help with her current relationship šŸ˜‘ and this weekend some dude is crashing at his place and he can't see me even though I haven't seen him this whole week.Ā 
Shouldn't I get special treatment as his girlfriend who has been here all this time?
I told him how I feel and he just doesn't get it šŸ˜”.
Am I overreacting?