just being honest *edit*

When you get to the point where you start showing, your SO/husband will not want to sleep with you anymore. He will blame it on "he doesn't want to hurt the baby." Bullcrap. He's not attracted to your pregnant body. He's watching porn behind your back instead. When you get to 30+ weeks you will get stretch marks, which will make you feel terrible about yourself and you will be forced to try to make up something to feel better about yourself such as "you've earned your "tiger stripes." Who are you fooling? Only yourself... You hate your new body and your SO/husband would still rather look at porn. Your vagina will forever be a little bit looser. I love my baby but this is the hardest thing I have ever done and I'm struggling to accept the changes. I hate my new body/vagina. I hate porn. And I resent my husband for his part in this. I love my baby, but I'm just being honest. 
**edit** sorry for the negativity, I've just been through a lot. Found out my husband has a porn addiction right before I gave birth. I always wondered why he spent hours in the bathroom 😭 thank you for all your comments, he is willing to work on his addiction though. Hopefully he can beat this.