need a boost

I've not posted on here before but have read other people's threads and have seen how kind and supportive everyone is...
I'll will try to make this short haha, 
I'm 35, married to an amazing guy and we so badly want a baby, we have had 2 miscarriages the first Oct 15 the second Nov 16 both went around week 6-7 but not discovered until scans at around week 10😞.
I will be honest the first one was a massive shock and we were devastated but the second one really knocked me sideways, we have been trying to get pregnant since Dec (although I know I will be terrified of loosing another) but every BFN I get takes it out of me, everyone seems to be getting pregnant around me and although I am so happy for them I think a little piece of me dies when they are chatting about it. 
Especially when I hear it was a one night stand or we weren't even trying 😖
My husband is fab and so positive but lately I've been so down, is it my age? have I had my time? (I have a 9 year old son from a previous relationship) 
I guess time will tell but aghhhhh why is life so cruel.  Sorry I'm not usually this negative just having one of those days lol