my poor husband... lol

Sarah • Working mom
We have three daughters and one son. Our son and oldest girl are not biologically his but he loves them just the same.
3 girls... in 10 years he will have 3 hormonal females to deal with on top of his wife. 
He might not be able to have a fishing and hunting loving son cause he prefers dolls over cars and dressing up as tinker bell instead of army man. He wants to take dance classes with his sister. He's only 4 as I constantly remind him but when his 2 year old sister gives him a bloody nose for snatching her toy away... yea I get my own doubts. 
Don't get me wrong, we have no problem with our son being gay. It's hard for my husband to reconcile the dreams of a son to throw the football with. And I worry about him being teased in school and his biological dad giving him shit over it.
So my poor husband keeps getting mock mad when I put the girls in dresses lol he's like "just let me have one tom boy!" Nope I have 3 girls I gotta have "the talk" with I'm gonna have my fun while I still can.