Thrush question

Caitlyne • Single mommy ~Avah Sarah 02/23/2017
I think my 6 week old baby girl has thrush! She has a bit of white residue on her tongue which doesn't seem to come off! 
There's none anywhere else in her mouth though! 
But my nipples hurt, specially my left, even when I'm not nursing! 
Now I'm not sure if this is related, but she's been spitting up A LOT! I mean she used to never spit up, the last 30 hours it's been almost every feed and a good amount, sometime a couple times, twice was projectile. This morning it was curdled, but it's been right after feeds too! 
I only seem to be able to have her keep some down by doing a tiny bit at a time. 
She also hasn't pooped since about 3pm on Saturday, it's now 8:10pm Monday. 
Could this all be thrush or is it something more/a coincidence!
(I'm going to walk in clinic tomorrow - she's still having wet diapers and isn't crying)