what would you consider this

So long story short I'm a lesbian and I've been talking to this girl. I really like her so she invited me to stay the night at her house I agreed because I like her company. so we go watch a movie and she like get on top of me and started kissing me I said we are not having sex and kissed her back so the kissing gets intense and she takes off my shirt and I say again we're not having sex. next thing I know she touch my privates and I move her hand then she grab my hands and hold it them and finger fuck me now when she first started I tried to move her hand and I told her to stop. So now she's finger fucking me and I'm moaning even though this is happening I'm still trying to move her hand and I'm still telling her to stop. So she finally stopped and now I'm pissed so I tell her to leave me alone. And she basically tells me I shouldn't be mad because I was into it and moaning etc.... anyways is this considered rape