why I don't get my nails done

🤷‍♀️ literally went and got my nails just painted with my sos sister and she scolded me about how bad natural nails look and that I should keep mine up. 
Well, my grandma kept her nails done all the time and always had fake nails nearly her entire life and now she doesn't have finger nails and HAS to continue wearing fake nails because her fingers will look gross without them. She always told me to let my nails be natural. So if I do anything with my nails they'll just be painted. 
Food for thought. My SOs sister didn't phase me. I just won't spend anymore quality time with her because she's rude. If you're wondering how my grandma keeps her nails on, there is still nail beds there and she does them at home. She literally glues them on.  I've watched her glue her nails on with freaking super glue since I was a toddler. She's embarrassed of them.