trying anal?

My boyfriend said he wanted to try anal with me and I said I'd think about it. A minute after that conversation we had sex, not anal. Afterwards I told him we could try it when we get more condoms and he said he wasn't like craving it anymore. I got slightly offended but flattered at the same time. He said my pussy was all he needed. I guess I got excited he finally wanted to try something, he doesn't really wanna do anything I want like tie me up or blindfold or lick honey off me or get kinky with whip cream, or role play. Idk I guess I thought hey this is my opportunity to do something for him and maybe he'll be down for one of my ideas. Also, when we first started dating I asked him what he's done and doesn't like, I wanted to make sure we had some common sexual interests and he was all like yeah I'd be down that sounds so hot but now it's like no too messy or too much work. Oh and I've asked him if he's tried anal before at the beginning of our relationship and I swear he said he didn't try it bc he thought it was weird but now he's like yea I tried it with this girl before we started dating and I wanna try it with you then he just changes his mind about me? I'm so confused 🤷🏻‍♀️