HELP I think I'm pregnant again

I know as some of you read this you will be rolling your eyes thinking I'm a terrible person and You are entitled to your opinion. My son is almost 5 months and I'm just getting a hang of motherhood and was just starting to get back to normal , I just returned to work yesterday . My SO and I just had sex for the first time last Sunday and Tuesday , which according to Glow were about 6 days after the ovulation window . It said there was a 2.9% chance I could get pregnant so We thought it was safe . Glow is usually accurate about when AF starts and this month it was suppose to come on Sunday , I'm never late and it's Tuesday and there is no sign of AF . My son is such a blessing and in no way shape of form I'm I not appreciating life however , I was hoping for atleast a 2-3 year gap between my children . My cervical mucus seems to have changed to a light yellow discharge , some see it may be because of infection but some also say it's an early sign of pregnancy. I'm holding on to hope and praying glow was wrong and I'm not pregnant . Does anyone have any insight , does light yellow mucus discharge mean pregnancy, I have attached a picture . HELP