How to cope?

This was my first pregnancy, my fiancé, Cody, and I were over the moon excited when we found out last week! Today I would be five weeks and one day pregnant, not very far along but enough to start imaging the future with a little one. I had been experiencing bleeding and cramping for the past couple of days and today my doctor confirmed I had lost my pregnancy via miscarriage. I know in the grand scheme of everything I am so blessed to have had a positive test in the first place and this does not mean I will never have children, but as we all now, it still hurts. I still have faith I'm going to have a baby, just not at this time. 
Cody is very supportive and is the best support system I could ever imagine having in my life. He is my rock and we are together through it all. 
For other ladies out there that have had a miscarriage: how did you and your significant other personally cope with a miscarriage?