My St. Patty's Day Baby🍀❤️

My delivery was a bit complicated, so this is very long! Sorry! 
At 38 weeks and 4 days I had a regular check up and was told I was 1 cm dilated and 50% effaced. My doctor prescribes me a Z-pack because my throat had been hurting for a few days, accompanied by a cough.
The next day my throat is worse and I feel extremely drained. I check my temperature and it's 102 degrees! I call my husband home from work. I called the hospital and they told me to come in!
We get there and I'm feeling worse. I had to wear a mask due to my coughing. They did a test and it turns out I had the flu, my blood pressure was very high, and both mine and my baby's heart rate were spiking so I ended up being admitted until everything was back to normal. 
My entire body was aching. I was given Tamiflu and Tylenol and 2 days later my fever was gone, but my blood pressure was still high so my doctor decided that they would induce the following morning. 
At 4am I was checked again and I was 1 1/2 cm. I was immediatley started on a pitocin drip. The doctor tried to break my waters but was unable to. She said she would come back at 11am and try again.
At 9am I got up to go to the restroom and felt a small gush and a continuous leak. The nurse confirmed it was my waters.
By this time my contractions were about 3 minutes apart but not unbearable. Around 10am I felt a huge gush, and the contractions immediatley became more intense so I bounce on the birthing ball. At 11am my husband and nurse began pushing for the epidural. At first I refuse. I had always planned to get the epidural because I'm NOT good with pain, but my biggest fear was it wearing off too soon. At 11:30 I give in and take the epidural since the contractions were back to back. At first it only worked on my right side, but after I layed on my left for a few minutes gravity did the trick. I could still feel pressure from the contractions but no pain. It was heaven sent! When I'm checked I'm only 3 cm.
Around 6pm I became worried. I tell everyone I could feel my toes, but of course was made fun of.😞AC  I try to relax but the feeling eventually moves to my legs, then butt. I hit the epidural button for the first time but it wasn't working. Soon after, I felt NO trace of the epidural. The anesthesiologist tries increasing the dose but it doesn't work. I'm given the option to attempt take the epidural out and put it in a different spot, but by the way he made it sound it probably wouldn't have worked. I refuse, I'm not completely sure why. I end up regretting it, but at that point I just want to be left alone. The nurse was able to turn down the pitocin drip from 20 to 14 though, and that gave a small break between contractions.  At 8 I was checked and was told I was 6 cm by my nurse. However, the doctor came in to check on me directly after and the nurse had informed her I was actually 7 cm?
My mom and husband try to get me to relax and breath properly. But I'm not coping well with the pain and the doctor gives me an oxygen mask. 
At 10pm the pain is excruciating. I had never prepared myself for the pain because I assumed my epidural would work😞 Soon, I feel tons of pressure. I tell my husband I'm pushing, and my best friend gets the nurse. She informs me I'm "almost a ten" and I say something along the lines of "that's a fucking lie" and embarrass my mom. (She's a nurse at the hospital, so of course knows everybody) I can literally feel my body pushing. When she leaves the room I tell them she's stalling because we knew the doctor was in  another delivery. 
About five minutes later I can feel the baby's head coming down! I tell my husband to get the nurse but they try to convince me to breathe because we have to wait on the doctor anyway. I just call the nurse myself. Again, she says I'm "almost there" but not to push. 
My body continues pushing on its own. About ten minutes later the nurse and doctor come in and they can see the head!
I can finally push and it feels SO good! The baby ended up getting stuck because she was turned sideways, and they had to use the vacuum to get her out. It popped off twice, but the third time she finally slid out! The ring of fire is NO JOKE!! But I immediatley feel relief! They place her on my chest and I felt an overwhelming feeling of love and joy! She was perfect!
I ended up with 24 stitches and had a lot of internal and external tearing. I also got a transfusion for blood loss. But I would do it all over again for her!!
Saydee Jane❤️
Born at 11:31 pm on St. Patty's  Day. 
6 pounds 8 ounces, 20 3/4 cm long.
My biggest peice of advice would be to prepare yourself for the unexpected. If I had been more aware of how to relax and breathe through contractions I feel like the pain would have been more manageable.
But in the end, my baby arrived safely so nothing else mattered after that! 💕