Didn't lie, and i kept a secret!


So my husband's step mom's birthday was today. She is absolutely amazing! We love her to death and spend time with her and Father in Law in the summer. She had been aware of us trying to conceive for a while. She knew we had gotten pregnant last July, and knew we lost him in October. She also knew we had been trying ever since.

Well, we haven't told anyone (other than my s.i.l. due to a near emergency) that we are expecting. I am 12 weeks 1 day now, we lost our angel at 15 weeks 3 days. Right now we are holding off until we get the Panorama results in a few weeks, my blood draw is tomorrow. Possibly waiting until 17 weeks when we get our Anatomy scan. We haven't decided yet.

Anyways, i am on the phone with her, wishing her a happy birthday. We start talking about everything else. Then she asks "so are you two still trying?" I get this big grin on my face, i swear it would have given me away if i was talking to her face to face. I don't want to lie, so i tell her "well, right now we are in a waiting period." I think she took it like we were waiting to try again. She says "well, if it happens then it happens." Again i have a huge grin in my face.

I can not wait to be able to tell them in a few weeks!