overbearing grandma

Amy • Wife ✨ Momma to a little girl with a baby boy the way!
So, I moved into my boyfriends mothers house with him because we needed to be together after having the baby. We are planning on moving out but with me being out of work, we have had as much as we usually are. So we are planning to move Septemberish. Well his mother, I love her, consider her a mother figure in my life. But let's just say, living together and being together all the time pretty much has my nerves shot at this point. She's extremely opinionated. My LO was pretty cranky last week and all she wanted to do was fill her with gas drops, colic drops, etc. Something was wrong and she had to figure out or have a reason why. Meanwhile, in my head, she's 7 weeks old. The go through phases. She's just upset. If everything we can do has been done, she's just cranky and that's okay. Well, not okay for G-ma and something has to be done. Anyways my mom is planning my daughters christening. My boyfriend does not do church. His best friend died years back and something with church does not go well with him. And I respect that. I don't want him doing anything that he isn't comfortable with. So my mom got the minister that married her and he is  willing to personalize the christening and say the prayers we want and will do it anywhere. Which I thought was a cool, non traditional idea. I love the idea of how personalized it will be and my boyfriend enjoys the idea and feels special because he isn't comfortable going to church. We even decided to make my mom and his mom God "guide" parents. And I thought it would be nice to include his mom. Well today I told her we were doing it and she rolled her eyes. And didn't say much. She doesn't like the idea. She wants it traditional and doesn't agree with it. Told me her son (BF) would go to church and she wanted it traditional. (I really got mad when she rolled her eyes) I talked to my BF and he said he never said he would go to church so he doesn't know where she got that from. I feel as though this is our child. We do how we feel. And sorry if you don't like it. Opinions? Should I be allowed to feel bothered by her being rude about it? Or what. She also makes me feel so fat. Like hasn't called me fat out right but for sure makes it known that I need to lose weight.