drinking and sex

I'm going to go straight to the point here of what happened, I was with my friend (a girl), we went out and since she was going to drive this time i was drinking and turns out i slept with this guy i don't even know, i remember bairly anything from what happened but the way it happened bothers me.. my friend said she left me in the car asleep while she went to visit her bf at his house ( he has roomates) and if i was asleep how the hell did i get in the house in that guys' room? He went to go look for me or what the hell.... i remember one part during sex when i pushed him off he even fell off the bed and i also remember it was pretty rough.. i woke up and my friend wasn't even there she left and i called her many times before i could get a hold of her but she said she thought i had left because she couldn't find me... obviously she didn't even look for me since we were both in the same house.. i was crying once i knew what had happened and the guy was a real dick about it "why are you crying?" With a very surprised dick voice... i think it was very fucked up he took advantage of the fact i was drunk af but its also my fault for putting all my trust in that "friend"... im obviously going to get checked except idk when because i work till 5 and thats when the clinic closes.. i feel disgusting and just the thought of his body on me makes me feel sick and violated just a feeling i cant explain its very unpleasant. There isn't anything i can tell myself at the moment to make myself feel better. This guy has added me on every social media account i have and in afraid he will try to expose me, i can always say it never happened but its just... ugh idk.. my body is so sore it feels like i have bruises everywhere and i have been bleeding quite a bit which is anotherreason should get checked.  So i just want someone's opinion on this, don't be too hard please i already feel horrible