Sex drive goes down after marriage?

Sara • 22 years old
So, I'm 19 and my husband is 22.  We got married in July of last year but we've been together for several years before.  We were in an LDR for all of it until we got married and moved in together overseas (he's military.)  We would always see each other and he'd be really in the mood, almost always be the one to initiate it, like waking me up in the middle of the night by touching me and stuff.  But ever since we moved in December, I can almost count the times of sex we've had on one hand (oral too, mostly because when I do oral it turns into intercourse.)  My libido has passed his SUBSTANTIALLY and nothing really gets him in the mood like it usually did.  I know this happens, but I just want to know to how many others?  Relationship wise, we're so very happy and very much in love, but sometimes this makes me feel bad about myself?  Some nights I would straight up like beg for it (haha 😭) and he still wouldn't be in the mood.  How can I be sexier?  Even being in my cute bra and panties doesn't work :(!  Maybe I should just accept he's grown up or he's tired from working?  Idk.  I just feel bad :(
Sorry for the long post!