should I test? advice please!!

I'm currently on microgestion birth control and I'm on my third pack. Well my hormones have been crazy and I've dealt with spotting/ breakthrough bleeding multiple times now. My husband and I had sex on 4/1 and I was supposed to start a new pack on the following Sunday 4/2. My pharmacy ended up closing before I could refill my prescription so I had to take two pills on that Monday on 4/3. On 4/4 I had more spotting/bleeding that felt almost like a real cycle, but it only lasted three days. Now my face is breaking out terribly (like it did right before I found out I was pregnant with my daughter), and I've been feeling queasy on and off since last night. I've started to get headaches too, but that could be from lack of sleep because I have a four month old. What kind of likely hood would it be that I'm actually pregnant again? How long would you guys wait to test? I've tried searching this online but the internet can make things really spiral in your brain. Help!