get your own man

Aleksandra 🌙 • 20 | EMT 🚑
I was sitting in class yesterday and some number called me. I picked up and it was some chick asking me if Bredy is in a relationship, if he has a girlfriend (Bredy is my boyfriend) and I'm trying to find out who the fuck that is. She says it doesn't matter because I don't know her and then she is like "you know I don't wanna talk to him if he has a girl you feel me" and I got so mad because I thought he is cheating on me. So I told her that he is in a happy relationship for three years now, she hang up. My boyfriend told me it's friend from church and that she didn't believe he has a girlfriend so he gave her the number to make sure. That bitch doesn't want to back off. My boyfriend posted this picture on Facebook 
It's a promise ring and the text is a message that I sent him yesterday after a big fight. That chick is texting him asking him if that's my hand. Like what the fuck? Why she can't understand he is taken and she has to back off. What the hell am I supposed to do ? We were in bed today and we got into a fight. So I was on the other side of the bed crying and at some point he turned around and hugged me. I couldn't stop crying. I told him he has to get rid of her because I feel uncomfortable and that he is the one putting this relationship in danger. He promised he will. I feel so heartbroken right now...