So I have a 13 month old who is very inconsistent when it comes to sleep at night. It's been since he was 9months old and we my husband and I chalked it up to it being sleep regression. Well now I have no idea because on rare occasions he does sleep threw the night 10-12 hrs so I know he is capable but he doesn't stick with it. He'll go back to waking up 3-4 times a night. We don't rock or pat to sleep we put rain noise hold him in our arms and he knocks out. Every time he wakes up yes I go into his room and I get him and I hold him and then I put him back down. I cut his early morning nap thinking that might help but it hasn't. And yes there are times I'm tempted to just let him cry but in my household letting him cry it out is not a choice as I have another child who has to get ready for school in the morning and my husband as well. Please I need help and suggestions on what to do. Right now I am a full-time student who takes classes online but in the summer I'm going to have to go on campus so this continuing waking up all night long it's not going to work for myself anymore either.