Been stuck on the couch for 3 days.. So miserable 😩

This has been a tough pregnancy. I've had non stop "morning sickness" this whole pregnancy on top of bad sciatica pain.. But I also found out I had a couple bulging discs and a narrowing spine the month I found out I was pregnant and haven't been able todo anything about it while pregnant. A big part of my upper right thigh has been numb this whole pregnancy and I haven't been able to stand more than a few seconds at a time without my legs feeling like there on fire and feeling like painful needles are going through my legs.. Well 36 weeks 3 days and the last 3 days it's all just been worse. On top of feeling like I'm sitting on my baby when I sit because she's so low and having horrible sharp pains under my right ribs and have been short of breath. Allergies are also going crazy! I've been super itchy also but my doctor just tells me to take Benadryl.. I feel bad because I don't feel like doing anything at this point and have been laying on the couch for 3 days.. Which is hard when you have a 3 year old and makes me feel bad. Sorry for all the complaining I just feel so miserable and nothing I do helps anymore.