should I give my ex and our 7 year old another chance? (public relationship)

I know this sounds crazy but I really need some advice I can only do this anonymously and won't be able to reply to your comments.
My ex-boyfriend and I grew up together we've been through so much shit, we don't have proper families always had each other and our friends.
He's hella talented and it's always been his dream to become an artist  and I fully support him all the way through.
After years of struggling he got a record deal and I'm extremely proud of him. Another few struggling years have passed since you lost practically everything and more again. The past two years have been pretty good though he's finally getting bigger and bigger but we broke up before his second record came out because I'm scared. I'm a very private person and got social anxiety.
I wasn't ready to leave our hometown (won't say which one because people will  most likely recognize him) and I stayed with his daughter. He had a baby with another woman and it wasn't planned, shortly after she was pregnant we came together so no cheating involved.
She's 7 turning 8 soon so you can see how insanely hard this was for us. I love her like my own child and I've raised her. Now he's been trying for so long for us to come back together but I'm not sure. Their touring is insane and I know they have so much female company around all the time. I totally trust him but what would you do?
I don't know if I can do this because he's barely around and I feel like I'd hold him back from the "rockstar"/music industry lifestyle he always worked for so hard. 
I really need advice but no judgement.
I'd always have to wait for him and stay ready to pick up the pieces if this might not work out like he wanted it to and I am ready to always be there for him but our girl is going to school here I can't be around him and leave her but I also don't know if I could wait for him for so long to come home....