It's a myth that 4th babies come early..

I am due Sunday 4/16 with my 4th child and I've been told by everybody she will most likely be here before her due date...even my dr told me a month ago when I started dilating that I had a good head start..Well I'm calling bullshit! I literally have tonight and 1 more day and I don't feel like she's coming out anytime soon... everytime I feel contractions or anything I get hopeful and then it all goes away!! I have wanted a daughter for 12 years but I had 3 sons and now I'm finally getting a GIRL and can't get her out of me.. I've watched about 5 friends in the last week have their babies before me that weren't due until the end of April and here I am still pregnant...I just want to lay in bed and cry all night again because this is so ridiculous...why won't my body budge and let her out? I don't understand anymore 😭