The Worst Cramp Ever

For those that don't know, I recently discovered I was pregnant. 
2 days after the positive pregnancy test, I had a gush -not really a gush, but like one of those moments that you feel discharge coming-of bright red blood, like heavy spotting so to speak.
Never having that happen, I've been riddled with anxiety. Dr doesn't think I've misscarried because shortly after I had a transvaginal done to reveal a gestational sac, measuring 6w4d (next us is the 18th, by then should see something, but I'm prepared if we don't)
Yes, I'm aware of statistics and blah blah blah but I'm going to keep my optimism, because I've carried two pregnancies to over full term, and I'm young and healthy. That and my hcg is going up.
Anyways, imagine the anxiety I've been having over every little feeling or pain or twitch after seeing that blood and never seeing that before.....
So I'm sitting on the couch, in the middle of dinner and the worst cramp comes on fast and hard  and I think to myself "Oh no, this is it, why my baby god why?" 
And I start to tell me husband we need to go to the hospital...
"what's wrong mamma?"
And then the unthinkable
A big, long, painful, pressure relieving fart just fell right out....
A fart....
So I ended with "Honey...there...s the febreeze"