Makes more time for his baby mama then he does for me

He's always giving me hell saying I'm way too jealous and that he hates it when I give him grief about his baby mama. But the truth is he jumps at her Beck and call.

I'm totally ok with the idea of them getting along for the sake of their two kids. But I think it's getting to be way too much. They broke up like 6 years ago.

Why the heck does she take him with her to grocery shop? But with me? I get Oh I hate grocery shopping.

I'll be like let's go out to dinner. He's like nahh. She says let's go out to dinner and he is gone.

Right now he's out at her house with their kids and her family eating dinner and spending Easter with them and I'm in the apartment I share with him watching reruns of Grey's anatomy and eating pizza.

For the record, I've packed his shit. Put his clothes and stuff in suitcases and big Rubbermaid bins and they're sitting in the kitchen.

I have no issue with a man who wants to spend time with his kids. But spending time with his baby mama is not okay with me.