Spinal Headaches? 5 weeks PP

Harley • Had my baby girl on March 9, 2017 ❤️👶🏼
I'm 5 weeks post oartum and I'm still having severe migraine like headaches after getting an epidural. They started at 1 week PPand haven't gone away. I see my doctor next Thursday but haven't though of this as a problem. 
I don't have any history of migraines or spontaneous headaches in the past. These headaches start in the front and feel like a sharp pain, they then spread to the back of the head and the neck and I noticed that when baby cries during the headache my ears hurt so bad, not really much sensitivity to light, and at their peak I have to cry because they hurt so bad. The worst pain only lasts about 3 minutes but after the pain subsides a bit they still linger on for about 1-2 hours. Anybody else go through this? Is this normal? Any nurses that can help? Thank you guys so much.