Whole Milk at 1 Year

Erika • Mom of 2
Hello! So, my son just turn 1 about a week ago and I am planning to continue breastfeeding in addition to table food. We did BLW and he eats great! I'm also planning on still pumping once at work for now because I'm paranoid about keeping up my supply. I'm going to put breast milk in his sippy cups (whatever I pump and from freezer stash) for school and use whole milk to fill them up the rest of the way. The pediatrician said that I should stop giving him breast milk at all and switch to only giving him whole milk because breast milk doesn't have enough fat that they need. I think that is absolutely absurd. Everything I have read says that breast milk has about the same amount of fat as whole milk, and that it continues to provide benefits to toddlers. Plus, breast milk is designed for human babies, cow's milk is not. You're telling me that our bodies make this awesome nutrition for our babies until they turn 1 year old and then all of a sudden it's not enough for them and we have to give our babies another mammal's milk? Something doesn't add up. So, my question is, has anyone else been told this? (I imagine most people have) Has anyone continued to give breastmilk past 1 year with or without cow's whole milk? Does anyone else think that sounds silly or am I crazy?