child support

Any moms out there who can give me advice with child support? All of a sudden my kids dad wants to be involved for the wrong reasons... he wants to pretend and show efforts as he never done that before until he got child support paper work... now he's wanting to pretend like I don't know my ends. He's obviously getting advice from his chic and going to levels such as he wants to communicate thru email for such things as calendars and ideas and all this bullshit. Wel damn I been struggle the last 10 months by myself. I work 50 hours a week pay three diff baby sitters. I'm in a demanding job role where I can't just drop it all because it's what supports my son. And he's over here coming every couple months just to pretend that he cares. I struggle even today to find care for my son on weekends as I have to work. Yet he's over there driving here to my town to go to some stupid car show or to take his chic to the beach and he don't budge to see his son. All of a sudden he wants to make it seem like he's a dad. Nico my son is with me 100% and I don't know if his dad trying to buy time will affect anything with child care services. My poor son doesn't even know who he is and when he looks at him he's lost