my boyfriend's mother.

*super long - just a warning* These are the texts between my boyfriend's mother and I. She hasn't reached out to me since this convo to apologize or for us to work this out, but now she's on Facebook trying to make herself look good on my page. Shes posting how much she loves me and how excited she is for our new family, and posting how she'll never be the MIL who steps on toes (LOL). She's acting like nothing ever happened and I'm kind of annoyed by it. Am I just being petty for not wanting to act like this big argument never happened? I feel like I am owed an apology. This is the messages she sent me after I told her I ONLY wanted the CLOSE relatives at the hospital when I had the baby and that I wanted everyone else to wait until my daughters "welcome" party. We had talked about this twice before but she kept calling me and asking me if I've changed my mind yet and this time after I said no she hung up the phone and starts these texts. 
Then after all this, she messaged Joey (her son) and said "well Cayla just never explained her reasons to me, she acted like she just didn't want my family there." ????? Now last night she told him she was just drunk and that's why she acted like that ???? I'm so pissed and her acting like I should just move on from it is making it worse