Sharp pain in/behind belly button

Maddie✌💖😊 • Kameron Lynn, Alix Rae, Hunter Christian Matthew, Jordan Taylor, Cassia Jane, Oriah Lux, Lyra Skye
For the past few hours I've been feeling a sharp pain around my belly button if I move suddenly. The only other symptom I have is mild nausea here and there. I have used the restroom since the pain started. All Google did is scare me. I don't know if I need to go to the er or not. I have anxiety and I often fear that I'll go in for something stupid, as silly as that sounds. Has anyone had this sort of pain and could tell me what they discovered? My husband goes to work overnight in an hour and I'm a little nervous. It doesn't hurt as bad when I'm being still so that makes it hard to decide if I wanna go to the er or not. Right now it's just a mild discomfort. Sorry, I am rambling. Any input is appreciated. Thank you.