feeling taken advantage of *LONG*

Adahlysse • Engaged to the man of my dreams! We have two girls and a baby boy on the way 💗💗💙
My fiancé's cousin finally got a job this week. Her baby daddy works in the oil field and is gone most of the time. Well he's been cheating on her (again. This has been going on for a year) so she decided to work to take care of herself and her 2 month old daughter. She asked me to watch her daughter on Wednesday while she went to her orientation for work and I watched the baby for 2 1/2 hours. She actually didn't have any plans in place for anyone to watch the baby on a regular basis while she's working. My mother in law was able to watch her Thursday but I watched the baby Friday from 3pm-1am and as she was picking her up she asked if she could drop her off in the morning (today). Fine. So she shows up at 9:30 this morning and decided to tell me then she was working a double but should be off by 9 pm. FINE. Then at around 1 pm she texted me to ask if I could watch her daughter tomorrow because she was scheduled for a double and my mother in law is out of town. at this point I'm a little irritated. We have 2 kids of our own and I'm 17 weeks pregnant and feel bad because we had plans Sunday to take the kids swimming but seeing as she has no one else I agreed. Well she just texted me saying that she has to close again tonight and won't b picking up the baby until 1am again tonight. Feeling kind of taken advantage of. She hasn't offered to pay me or anything... am I in the wrong here? I feel like I need to tell her that she needs to set a schedule or ask in advance if she is going to need someone to watch her daughter. My kids and I had to give up our whole weekend to help her out and I'm exhausted 😩