my New boyfriend

So I was in a relationship for 8 years and I broke up with that guy because he could not be present in everyday life. I couldn't get him to even say hi to me via text once a week and when I saw him; even if I didn't feel good we ended up having sex (in a way it was an emotionally abusive relationship). After the breakup my best friend (who I see every single day) took up the charge of making sure that I could pull myself together again. 
Needless to say we started dating and we are slowly building our relationship.(I took his virginity)  The sex though is amazing. 
I don't understand.
 I have known my ex for somewhere around 10 years and almost every time we had sex I was either never satisfied or there was nothing incredible about it. We had positions we switched a lot. It was fun but it doesn't feel anything like the sex I am having now. 
The sex I am having now is different. We usually have one position we use over and over  but somehow he manages to make me lose my fucking mind every single time.  Sometimes it can happen multiple times and the best part is the after when we're laying there and I'm almost sleeping but we're just catching our breath it's so good. 
I tried to ask what he likes about the sex but he's not a talker he's more the "I just do" kinda guy. 
I don't understand what the change is. But I love it. 
Has anyone else dealt with this?