Your love story?!

Destiny • Luis Camacho's baby momma💞 Le'leena👶🏼 born Nov. 1st @ 3:28💗
I randomly met this girl in high school and literally the next day she was my best friend.👭 I met her sister and then we became the three musketeers💖 two years later I was introduced to their older brother👨🏽 who I guess wanted to talk to me because he seen me around. 👀I was scared it would ruin our friendship with my girls🙅🏼 but I agreed anyways🤷🏼 and a week later or so of us talking he was my boyfriend 💑and has been for a year or so. I live with him and my best friend(s) and me and him are expecting of first little baby.👶🏼 I know its so fast but our souls just connected👵🏻💖👴🏽 and we can not leave each other. We tried being single but we just couldn't last a week🤦🏼... By the end of that week is when I found out I was 3 months🤰🏼. And as for my best friend I can't ever leave her either I love that bitch too much😂🤞🏼👯