TTC after miscarriage

Hi, I had a miscarriage on 14th Feb this year  after being 7 weeks pregnant ... absolutely devastated. I got told by the nurses that I should wait until my next period until we started trying again. So we did. My period was 28th March - 2nd April. I got back to using my ovulation sticks and I got a smiley face on the 13th so I assumed I ovulated on the 14th April. We had been trying once or twice a week since period finished. But I couldn't wait  till the end of this month to do pregnancy test as I had been feeling sickly and can't sleep and sore boobs like I did in January when I found out I was pregnant. But just want to double check if anyone else sees a really really really really faint line. I am only 10 days post ovulation so I wasn't expecting to see anything but I think my eyes are playing tricks on me. 
Thank you xx