16 and pregnant (curiosity)

So I've been reading all of these posts about being young and pregnant because im slightly worried I could be (im 16, stupidly had sex and used withdrawal, also ovulating. I understand my choice and also my mistake) obviously im not going to worry about it too much until I know if my periods late.

But basically im not really close with my family? Like my family has been split for years and at the moment I have to lie to my mum about seeing my grandad and auntie because otherwise shes gets upset.. I dont want to go into a lot of detail and end up boring you but needless to say I have to lie to keep the piece. How has everyone got such supporting parents that they are able to say it's going to be alright if I'm pregnant at 16? What about school? Won't your parents disown you? I'm not disapproving anyone because anyone that has a kid at 16 is brave. But I'm just curious as to how everything works out.. I love up to college in September and i dont have that relationship with my family to be able to even say about anything.