Ive been dating this boy i like for 5 months (6 in 8 days) and he said that he will be moving back to new york in june (its late april atm). Hes moving because his mother needs treatment and its more afforable up there. We really like each other and we dont know what to do. We're in freshman year and we really want to stay together but we dont know how to feel about long distance. Hes a very sweet boy whos usually scared to stand up for himself but will not hesitate to stand up for someone he cares about. Im scared that when he moves back up there he will get bullied into being suicidal again and i will not be there to watch after and protect him from these bullies. Hes attempted and gone into therapy multiple times due to bullies and im scared itll happen again. I love him and id hate for him to go through that while having to take care of him family at the same time. Any advice on what to do?