misuse of the birth control pill?

Okay so I started taking this birth control 17 days ago. Correctly, same time everyday and everything. I took it 4/6/17 but I was supposed to get my period on 4/8/17. I ended up not getting my period, i know it wasn't late because of pregnancy and I'm assuming it's because I started taking the birth control??? And it still didn't come (today is 4/23/17) but I'm guessing it's not going to come the 4th week of the pills. But I had unprotected sex today and my bf came inside me. Will I get pregnant? I've heard the pill is effective after 7 days of taking it and now some people are saying not until all 28 are taken. I've never had unprotected sex before until today and I'm pretty sure I'm leaking my bfs cum. (Sorry tmi) but I'm kind of worried I hope not starting the pill so close to when my period was supposed to come will fuck up what the pill is supposed to do. Or having sex after 17 days of taking the pill. Do any of you have any feedback?