I posted what I thought was a positive pregnancy test on 4/5, 5 days before my period. Turns out it wasn't when I tested a few days later. 4/10 came and my period didn't. As the days passed without AF, I took multiple tests and they were negative. Had cramps all the while. I went to the OBGYN this past Friday thinking I must have a cyst or another reason why I missed my period and had cramps. Urine test at the office was negative; supposed to hear about blood work on Wednesday to see if there's a hormonal imbalance or something.
I FELT pregnant today - nausea and sore breasts - so I snuck a couple $1 tests assuming they'd be negative and I'd finally believe the results. They had faint lines! My husband saw lines but didn't believe the test so we bought this Walgreens-brand one. What do you think?!?! Could 2 days really make a difference?! My husband doesn't think so. Waiting for my period without thinking I was pregnant has been so emotionally draining and demoralizing.