What to do..?

So I have a boyfriend, but recently he's been really distant.. he has time to hang out with his friends but when I suggest we go out, he says "he's not feeling well" or whatever, the point is we don't go out.. he also barely replies to my texts, but whenever he's with me, he's always on his phone (texting his ex, mind you..) 
About a week ago I started talking more to this guy who is super cool and sweet with me, he's told me that he likes me and he wants to see me more often. I'm not going to lie, the guy is super attractive and I've been feeling more comfortable around him than with my own boyfriend.
Now, I don't know what to do.. I'm kinda catching feelings for this guy (we went out recently as friends and he kissed me by the end of the night) but I know it's unfair because 1. I don't want to hurt my boyfriend but 2. I barely feel like he's my boyfriend anymore..
What should I do???