am I wrong?? or is he??

My now husband and I started a rocky relationship about 6 to 5 years ago. We had lots downs more than ups. One day I decided to break up with him and the next day I found out I was pregnant from my daughter. When I first told him he wanted me to have an abortion. I told him I wouldn't. we stayed together. He had lost his dad at age of 15. He had become the source of income because he is the oldest of 3 and the only Guy. His mom and sisters live in foreign country and he was the one that supported them financially. He build his mom a house because they never had one, they lived in borrowed houses. I supported him, until I realized my daughter was about to be born and we had no clothes, no crib, no nothing. He wasn't supporting me because I was working winning my own money. When a month away from my daughter being born I told him that he need to stop constructing at least until we had our things for our daughter. He'd told me he had no money for us, my mom and sisters bought me everything. And until this day he always makes me and our daughter his second place. We live at my parents house in a one bed room and we are expecting a second child. Today I was mad because he said he wanted to buy a land, where his mother lives and I feel like he only thinks about them and well basically everything he buys cars, trucks, dirty bikes is for his mom and sisters because he bought them in a foreign country. His mom and sisters always ask him for money and things and he never says no to them but for us he complains. I was so mad I called his mom a bitch, and honestly she has been to me, she's a two face. She acts nice in front of my husband but in my face it's a different story. I've told my husband and he has never believe me. I know I can't put myself in his place because thank god i have both my parents. His mom is young and his sisters are not tittle to work, one is 23 and 17 but he's never asked them to work because he hands them down everything. Couples months ago at his job it got slow and we had a lot of bills backed up and he asked me to look for a job, it went horrible to the point where my parents where actually feeding me and my daughter. At this point his mom decides send the youngest of his sisters to stay a month with us. I told him your mom doesn't even ask if we have food to eat or anything she just assumes we do. We had no money for food and my husband bought his sister a pair of shoes. I was super pissed because she had just came couple months ago and he bought them 1,000 worth or clothes and shoes to each and his mom too. This is not just material wise but also his attention. He's never around me and my daughter much. When he is, he prefers to be asleep or talking on the phone with his friends or family. One time we got an argument he told me his family would always come before me and my daughter. Sometimes I tell him if he's not happy to go live with his mom and to forget about us. He had been begging me for a second child  and it took me a long time to want to have another kid. His mom didn't want us to have more kids. I have asked god to help me if am wrong, or selfish. Sometimes I feel like we always have to compete for his attention because of them. Sometimes I don't know what to think or what to do? I don't want my parents to have to support me financially, if I leave him because I am a married woman, but it's hard to look for a decent daycare for daughter or someone to help me out with my baby that is soon to be here too. California is expensive