So I've been with my fiancé for 3 years. On and off 2 years prior. He had a drug problem. He loved painpills. He'd been on them since he was 16 he's 22 now has quit before but our relationship got really bad when he did his withdrawls made him an ass. Well he got back on them after about a month well fast fwd a year later and he just recently got off them again a week ago. I had come to my point before he got off them this time that I just didn't care anymore nothing I said or did would ever get through to him talking to him was like talking to a brick wall he didn't hear any of I started hanging out with my friends more working more trying to make the most out of my life while he was worrying about his pills day in and day out. He got up to taking about 5/6 a day spending about $10 on each pill. He'd be broke before he even got his check from borrowing money or getting them on front. Well he decided to quit. And he started with me again. Telling me that he didn't trust my friends that I only spend time with them and that he doesn't get to see me. I understand that.. but we're grown we also don't have to spend all day together to know we love each other.. he took my ring back and told me fuck it before he left for work one night. Well I went off with his cousin went out spent time with her talking and etc. she ended up meeting with one of her guy friends while I was with her. I didn't mind that's cool. Well he ended up giving the ring back the next day and apologizing.. then he finds out I went off with her and the guy showed up he flips out on me. Apparently I'm not supposed to be around any other men period. I have another friend who is married and he doesn't trust them around me either. I don't know what to tell him. He's been loving on me and kissing on me and telling me he loves me and he's doing this for us and for our future but I'm so confused and don't know how to feel about all this.. does it sound normal that he's saying he doesn't want anybody at the house or me gone anywhere while he's at work or asleep? He works 3rd shift btw so he sleeps all day and goes into work at 6:30 pm .. if anyone has any advice I surely do appreciate it. I won't comment back do to having friends on this app but I will be reading your comments. Thanks in advance.