So recently I started to use ovulation kits. I tested positive on April 3rd...I tested everyday after just to see (because I wasn't sure when to stop), and I went like 6 days with a positive (I finally got a negative on day 7 (and everyday after so far). I have two different apps I use, I just started using Glow this year. My other app I've used since 2014 to track my period. On my other app I was suppose to start my cycle 8 days ago, on this app I was suppose to start yesterday. I haven't started at all...I'm really anxious because I'm hoping to find out exciting news, but I feel like I'm not going too. I haven't tested for pregnancy yet. My question is, if my ovulation lasted 6 days will it make my period late? I was taking PreMama fertility to make sure I was ovulating. Or does it not matter how long ovulation occurred, my period should still be on my normal 29 day cycle??