PMS or symptoms?

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So! I am trying very hard to be rational about this because I know symptoms at 9dpo are kind of crazy, but I want ya'lls opinions.

Normally, I get very slight fatigue, food cravings, bloating, and head aches during PMS. They start a day or two before AF and end the day AF leaves.

This month, I lost my appetite after I recovered from a cold around 4dpo, and around 7dpo my stomach started to be upset (not nauseous, just acidy). I also am experienced slight pms-like cramps, intense fatigue, and sore nipples. I am also oddly emotional, and very anxious/nervous. Thoughts? The symptoms could be explained (I'm in school and working, I just got over a cold, etc) but I can't help but wonder?

I am 9dpo today. I took a test this AM and got nothing.

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